Invest in Ukrainian Land

Start your investment journey today in the Breadbasket of Europe. We’re here to help you with the legal part.

Legal Hectare is a real estate investment project by Svarog law firm and HUSPI IT Consulting & Development. Our goal is to provide legal support for all procedures concerning the land search, purchase, and management in Ukraine.

Reasons to Choose Ukraine

Prices ^^

A sure way to profit in case you want to sell the land because the prices for land plots will continue to increase.

Demand ^^

Rich black soils are limited but they will always be in high demand among farmers and other agricultural businesses.

Profit ^^

You are free to choose whether to develop the land yourself or rent it out, which provides additional profits.

27.7 mln ha

The amount of private land in Ukraine that is available for sale.


Minimum rent price per one hectare of land in Ukraine.


Starting purchase prices per one hectare of land in Ukraine.

Models of Investment

Buy & Rent

Purchase land plots and profit from renting them out to farmers and agricultural holdings.

Ukraine’s territory is large and offers a wide variety of land plots for various purposes.

Buy & Sell

The Ukrainian Land Market is at its beginning right now and will continue to increase in value.

Invest your finances into the land now and reap great dividends in the years to come.


Ukrainian soil is incredibly rich in nutrients and produces great harvests.

Find great fields for your agricultural business and profit from them by cultivating them.

Our Services

Legal Consulting

We provide consulting services in case you want to find out more about the legal purchase of land in Ukraine.

Land Plot Search

We search for the land suitable for your particular goals – whether agriculture or simply renting it out.

Legal Support

We provide legal support during the purchase process to ensure the legality of the transaction.

Communication with Landowners

We communicate with farmers and neighbors as well as landowners to make sure the deal would be a success.

Economic Property Evaluation

We evaluate the cost of the land and present you with all the required documentation regarding the prices.

Infrastructural Land Evaluation

We evaluate the infrastructure of the land and access ways to ensure your business venture’s efficient work.

Registration & Documentation

We create and register all the documentation required by Ukrainian law for the land purchase.

Physical Land Visits

We can take you to check out the land plot for yourself or send you all the necessary information about it.

How does it work?


Tell us what you’re looking for in terms of land properties.


We find suitable land options for you and send you the information.


You choose the land plot that matches your requirements.


We finalize the legal side of the purchase and you become the proud owner.

Purchase Land in Ukraine: FAQ

Is there a legal way for a foreigner to purchase land in Ukraine?

  • Yes, there are several ways that it can be done, especially now that the Ukrainian land market was launched in July 2021. Contact us and we can discuss the best ways to do it that would fit your requirements and wants.

What is Svarog Law Firm?

  • Our main business is focused on providing legal services to Ukrainian locals in all kinds of questions. We launched Legal Hectare as a side service to become more available to the foreigners who want to increase their profits by investing in Ukrainian land.

Can I get a plot of land I want or do I have to pick it up from what’s available?

  • There are several ways you can choose your land plot:
    • You have the size requirements for the land and infrastructure, for example, 100 hectares, for agricultural business purpose. We look for available pieces of land and offer you the options. In case there will be questions to discuss with the farmers or other neighbors, we can take care of those procedures too.
    • You have the allotted finances for investing into the land, and don’t really care for the location, but you want to later profit from selling that land. We look for available options and offer you the best fitting land plots based on your budget.
    • You have a particular land plot you’re looking for. In this case, we can take on the communication regarding that land plot and see what options are provided in order to purchase the land.

About the Legal Hectare project

Legal Hectare is a project launched by a Ukrainian law firm called Svarog in cooperation with HUSPI IT Consulting & Development.

Svarog Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support for both businesses and individuals. By contacting us, you are guaranteed to receive competent advice and prompt professional assistance in resolving the issues.

HUSPI IT Consulting & Development is a software company that provides outsourcing services for various businesses including Real Estate companies.

Legal Hectare

The goal of the Legal Hectare project is to provide support to foreign partners to invest in Ukrainian rich black soil.

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